We have achieved lots of mutual help and community service by lending a lifting hand for those in need...

The main aim of TMF is to be available for the musicians who are in need of
help and support....

We are a unit of indulgent members willing to help other struggling musicians....


We introduce ourselves as Trivandrum Music Fraternity (TMF), a unity of the musicians and music lovers in Trivandrum for mutual help and community service. The main object of TMF is to be available for the musicians who are in need of help and support,  to their families when they are not able to support them and to make ourselves available for a cause for the benefit of the society in general.    

A good singer or a musician on stage is a treat to your ears and eyes. When he is performing the listeners will enjoy every bit of it with excitement and ecstasy. But like the proverb goes every good thing and every great show has to end. And once the show is over and the crowd dissolved, the musician is left alone. Most of the time the money he gets, not helps him enough to meet both ends of his life. Barring a few front line singers and musicians, the life of an artist who took music as his passion and profession is nothing but struggles and trials.
Every day he needs to look forward for the next show or recording to run his family. If anything happens to his health or life his family will be left alone to destitution and poverty. And once a musician becomes aged and his opportunities diminished, he had to live the rest of his life in hardship.The society which needs to be constantly entertained is least bothered about what is happening to the entertainers and their families once the entertainment is over. Hence who will protect the orphaned family of a musician who met with an untimely death? Who will take care of an aged or struggling musician with fewer opportunities?
This is the basic premise behind the formation of this organization named Trivandrum Musician’s Fraternity.
It is an association of the musicians in the state of Kerala. Formed in the year of 2007 it has done significant work and contributions to improve the life conditions of musicians and their families in Kerala.



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